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1104 N Rd
Dayville, CT, 06241
United States


We are a small family farm located in East Killingly, CT where we raise Nigerian Dwarf  dairy goats , Experimental Mini- Obian's (Oberhasli/Nubian/Nigerian), LaMancha and Mini Mancha's (LaMancha x Nigerian Dwarf). We welcome farm visits by appointment.

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Sales/Maternity Ward

Sales terms
Misty Highland Farm has the option of retaining the first doeling from any of our breedings. If you are interested in a breeding  I will put you on our reservation list for that breeding.We do not accept deposits until after the kids are born and you have decided to purchase one. At that time a deposit representing 50% of the sale will be required with the remaining balance due at time of pick-up.  Kids are normally weaned at 8-10 weeks of age. Buyers are welcome to visit their babies at any time with advance notice. Buyers also have the right to a veterinarian inspection at their own expense while the goat(s)are at our farm. Misty Highland Farm will not be responsible for the health and well being of any goat beyond the 24 hour period once it leaves our farm.We will however offer the buyer a full refund of purchase price in exchange for the animal should a veterinary certificate show proof of an underlying condition prior to the sale of the goat.  In addition, because we are mindful of our positions as stewards to all our animals, we have the right to decline a sale should we deem the goat might not be going to the right home for them due to lack of suitable companion/shelter/safety concerns. We hope this does not come across as offensive but we put a lot of time, care and money into keeping our animals healthy and happy so they live long and healthy lives wherever their new home may be.

**It's been recently brought to my attention that a couple folks were "strongly" (LOL) unhappy with me as I refused to sell them goats so here is my stance on the sale of goats from my farm.

1) I consider the care of my goats (all animals on my farm) of utmost importance.....they are really God's creation and their care is entrusted to me so I take it very seriously when placing them into homes.

2) I do not claim to have everything "perfect" here on our farm...barn, fencing etc but we DO maintain a very safe place for our animals where they are not easy prey for outside animals of any kind whether that be domestic ones or feral ones. As such, that is one of the requirements to prospective buyers.

3) Our animals are maintained in excellent condition and have every opportunity to remain healthy here with good feed, clean water and weather proof housing.

To sum it all up...we CARE for our goats and and simply ask buyers to do the more, no less. We apologize if anyone is/was not happy with us but our main concern are the animals future and well being. Thanks for reading , God bless and Happy New Year!!!!

**Any health certificates or testing required will be the buyers responsibility...please check with your state Dept of      Agriculture. 

**Dates below are tentative until pregnancies have been confirmed**

Unless otherwise noted, kids will be Nigerian Dwarf.

These are the remaining kids available from the 2015 season. We may also have an adult doe or two available after weaning,  if interested please contact me for more info.


*This is our "tentative" kidding schedule and may change at any time so keep checking back. Pricing for babies as they arrive will be determined at that time but will average :

Nigerian Dwarf babies - doelings $350 / bucklings- $250 / wethers $150

Mini Mancha & Experimental Mini babies & Unregistered babies-  doelings $250 / bucklings(only mini manchas) $200/ wethers $100


** we DO offer discounts on multiple purchases **


Kidding Schedule 2018 (Tentative)

We have several does hopefully bred...waiting confirmation before posting them here. We hope to have 6-8 kiddings this year, please check back soon or call.






Melanie P - 2-3 pet goats

MaryLou - 2 pets/milkers