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1104 N Rd
Dayville, CT, 06241
United States


We are a small family farm located in East Killingly, CT where we raise Nigerian Dwarf  dairy goats , Experimental Mini- Obian's (Oberhasli/Nubian/Nigerian), LaMancha and Mini Mancha's (LaMancha x Nigerian Dwarf). We welcome farm visits by appointment.

1AnniesKids2009 003.JPG

Nigerian Dwarf


Frog Hill Farm Cashmere          D.O.B. 7/10/2009

S: Rosasharn WT B-Bo

D: Frog Hill Farm Pashmina

 Cashmere has the most beautiful, dark buckskin coat... is a very calm and laid back doe with long, level topline, soft hair coat and nicely attached udder that is easily milked....and she loves her role as a milking goat. Since her coming here she had only given us bucklings and so when she kidded this past summer with quads and one was a doeling we quickly decided to retain her. Cashmere has a special place in our herd and in our hearts.


Dragonfly IH Delia  4*D       D.O.B. 5/19/2006

S: PromisedLand Incredible Hunk *S

Twin Creek's AH Chiaroscuro 3*DE AR2099

Delia is quite the character here at our farm as she does things on her own terms and loves her job as a dairy goat...she's pretty much all business! She has good general appearance with soft, fine haircoat, long level top-line , nice angulation and width. She has given us very nice babies over the years who have gone on to successful careers as show and working goats. Delia is enjoying a well earned retirement here at the farm.


S: Painted Pepper RJ Soleil (Rosasharn SP Jupiter x Dawnland Tabby's Zing *D AR1901)

D: Dawnland TE Hot Ticket ( NC PromisedLand HS Tiger's Eye x Dawnland Tabby's Big Mamma Too)

       "Zuzu" as she is affectionately called is new at Misty Highland Farm and already a favorite with our granddaughter! She comes to us with her twin sister Snowflake.  They come here with some nice old bloodlines from New England as well as across the country well known for their strong credentials in the milk and show department. Zuzu  stands on strong feet and legs and has incredibly soft fine haircoat. She has produced quite a few wonderful examples of the breed with each kidding here and although her teats are somewhat small, they express easily and are attached to a capacious mammary for her small size....she is a pleasure to milk.




Snowflake is the twin sister of Zuzu above and has very similar qualities. Along with great width between her hocks and wide escutcheon she too has a very nice soft fine hair coat , strong feet and legs and best of all an awesome temperament so suitable for children of all ages to love and enjoy! We have not been able to get her to settle but even at that she is such a sweet natured girl and good friend for all of my grandchildren.


Little Moon Acres RN Piper D.O.B. 4/9/15

Sire: Rebeka Acres MB Raise A Native

Dam: Mistyhighland Farm Moonshine

Piper is out of one of our homebred does "Moonie" and was born here to a doe I sold to a friend and she was kind enough to offer this nice doeling to me. We hope to get her bred this year for 2017 Nigerian babies. She is long, level and stands on strong feet and eyes a plus!

Gillispe's E Emma DOB 3/7/2014

Sire: Tiny Town Hunting With Emma

Dam: SG Waterloo Pond CSF Mercy Me 4*M

Beautiful blue eyed Emma is fairly new to Misty Highland Farm and a great addition with new bloodlines to ad to our herd. Emma kidded in 2017 with three healthy doelings and was a pleasure to milk with soft, pliable udder and good sized teats. We look forward to her 2018 kids...hoping once again for doelings!!